Counters and Casework

Details are where a business really shows commitment to customer satisfaction, and Hawk creates counters, cabinetry and office furnishings that prove you care about success.

Since its inception, Hawk Industries has specialized in the design and manufacture of custom counters for the food service industry. From salad bars to serving and beverage counters, we can custom manufacture any counter to meet your specific needs.

We work with plastic laminate, custom-finished wood and wood veneer and many other designer surfacing products. Our in-house finishing department has years of experience manufacturing and installing beautiful and durable millwork for every need.

Hawk can also personalize your office space with custom reception counters, credenzas, cubicle partitions and desktops that fit your business’ needs.

Whether it’s a brand-new restaurant space or an office renovation, Hawk Industries builds quality into every design. Consult Hawk when you’re deciding how to make your space perfect for your customers or employees.