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5 Helpful Tips for Designing an Impressive Back Bar

Apr 5, 2022 | Blog

The back bar is one of the most important parts of the bar. As the backdrop to your bar, it’s an opportunity to give guests and customers an image they can link with the fun night out they’ll have there. That’s why it’s crucial to get your back bar design right.

If you’re looking to have a distinct and memorable bar, try these five helpful tips for designing one:

1. It’s All About the Lighting

The primary purpose of the back bar is to showcase bottles, so lighting is a must. You’ll want to make sure that the bottles are in clear view so guests can see the labels as they pick which cocktail to order. If you’re going to use bar décor, it’s best to keep it simple and minimal, as the bar area will already have plenty to take in.

Think about the mood and ambiance that your bar aims to create. If it is high-energy, you can go for a louder design. However, if it’s more relaxed, you can go for a more elaborate design.

2. Place Mirrors on the Walls

Mirrors are an excellent choice for the back bar, as they reflect light, make the bar look more prominent, and provide ambiance. When incorporating mirrors into your back bar’s design, try treating them like windows. Through the power of illusion, they give your bar and your guests room to breathe.

3. Consider Having a Centerpiece

Some bars choose to have a central piece for their back bars. They may have an intricate centerpiece that houses liquor bottles, a painting, a glass sculpture, a photo, or anything in between. Try choosing something that reflects the personality of your bar to make it a more memorable piece.

4. Pay Attention to Shelving

There are many different ways to design shelves. If you have a mix of high and low-shelf bottles, you can create a staggered design that allows patrons to see bottles closest to them and then see the labels of bottles on higher shelves.

Generally, try stacking your bottles in a way where it climbs according to the price of the bottles. This is particularly great for commercial bars so customers can identify the liquor being used for their drinks.

5. Pick Your Color Scheme and Theme

Think about the mood and feel you want your bar to have. Is it a lively place or a place for a more relaxed night out? You’ll want to make it a nice place to hang out, so it’s best to think about the colors you want to incorporate. Use them in a way that ties your bar together. Just follow a color palette to make it all a cohesive piece.

A Satisfying Backdrop for the Bar

Designing a back bar that reflects the personality of your bar and draws in your customers is a great way to make them feel special on their night out. The back bar is a chance to showcase your bar’s personality and give it a distinguished look. Remember these simple tips, and you can have a bar that is distinct, memorable, and ready to give your customers and guests a great experience.

We design bars & back bars in Pennsylvania that highlight the experience for everyone who pays you a visit. Let us help you create an unforgettable backdrop for the festivities at your bar. Show people what your bar is about by expressing it through your bar’s design!

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