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3 Tips on Designing the Perfect Back Bar

Oct 28, 2021 | Blog

When it comes to a restaurant’s bar design, you must never forget to include the back bar in the conversation! Bars and back bars go hand-in-hand—the bar tempts customers to stay to have a drink, while the back bar entices one to order more and generate more profit for your establishment.

Having a bar without a barback means wasting a golden financial opportunity! Of course, the barback’s primary purpose is to serve as a sidekick for the bartender, but it also has immense selling power! Not everyone knows what they’re going to order when they approach the bar, which the back bar takes advantage of.

This moment of indecision presents the perfect chance for you to suggest what they should buy. By simply displaying your premium products front and center on the barback, you’ll be able to entice customers, getting them to order and pay more!

Designing the Perfect Back Bar

The back bar can be your silent money-making machine—if it’s designed well, that is. As with the other areas of your bar and the rest of your restaurant, design plays a vital role in the quality of experience you’ll be able to provide to your customers and how much of a revenue generator it can be.

Read on below to find out how to create the best back bar for your staff and customers:

1.   Lighting

Lighting is crucial to the atmosphere of your entire bar. Moreover, lighting up the back bar also ensures that your patrons can see the vast display of premium alcohol waiting to be tried by them!

Rope or string lights do an okay job illuminating your back bar but LED lights have proven to be the better and a more modern alternative. Since most people purchase LED lights for their homes, they continue to drop in price. Besides their affordability, LED lights also last longer, consume little energy, and create different moods depending on their color.

2.   Shelving

Every design aspect should have a purpose, including how you arrange your bottles. Customers have been conditioned to assume that the higher a bottle is placed on the shelf, the higher it is in quality and price, so you must make sure that your bottles are organized in a way that makes sense.

Shelving your bottles allows for creativity! You can also organize your back bar by brand, suits, portfolio, or any other way, as long as they’re arranged according to their prices.

3.   Space

Space is important, even in the most intimate settings. If you don’t have enough physical space, you can create the illusion of it using long mirrors to elongate a wall or give the appearance of windows. Not only does your back bar look better with more mirrors, but your patrons also have the opportunity to check who’s seated near them, encouraging social interactions.

The Best Restaurant Barback Design

Never underestimate the impact of your back bar! From the lighting to shelving, every little thing can affect how much a guest spends and the total of your increased revenue. Make sure to reach out to a professional knowledgeable in designing barbacks and a skilled foodservice equipment contractor so that you’ll have a great back bar any bartender would love to work behind and patrons would enjoy looking at!

If you’re looking to have a stunning bar and back bar for your restaurant, leave it to our skilled team at Hawk Industries to turn your vision into reality! The Hawk Industries team can custom design and manufacture your new bar or back bar or build from an existing design. Connect with us today!

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