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The Unmatched Benefits of Custom Restaurant Booths

Dec 20, 2021 | Blog

When accommodating customers, fine dining restaurants usually opt for traditional chairs and tables, but other more casual establishments prefer restaurant booths to provide a friendlier, warmer, and more retro atmosphere. When upholstered properly, booths can even add more elegance without taking away the inviting ambiance.

Restaurant booths offer more convenience than your standard pairing of chairs and tables: they reduce unnecessary foot traffic, as servers don’t need to walk around all sides of the table. Customers also enjoy more privacy and security over their belongings, allowing them to relax and thoroughly enjoy their meal. When you invest in custom upholstered boothwork, you can explore different options of colors, styles, and designs to suit your establishment more closely.

4 Benefits of Custom Upholstered Restaurant Booths:

1.   Maximum Comfort for Your Customers

If your restaurant booths are old and worn, you might consider throwing them away and buying new booths to replace them. However, if they’re still functional, you can have them reupholstered with custom fabric instead, especially if their internal components or frameworks are intact and undamaged.

Customized upholstery for restaurant booths offers optimal comfort to your customers, as you can choose the material to cover your booths with. You can then opt for the one that makes your customers feel most at ease when dining in your restaurant. Additionally, if you opt for fabric, you’ll infuse your restaurant with softness and warmth, helping your customers feel relaxed whenever they sit on them. Fabric upholstery adds coziness regardless of the season, causing your customers to look at your restaurant more fondly.

2.   Total Control Over the Design

Customizing your booths’ upholstery gives you complete control over the design. You can then select the color, patterns, style, decor, and other design elements you’ve always wanted for your booths and couldn’t find anywhere else. With custom upholstery, you can match your boothwork more closely to the restaurant’s interior, providing a more cohesive look for your establishment.

3.   Reduce Waste and Save More Money 

Another benefit of custom upholstered restaurant booths is that you can save money and reduce waste by repurposing your old booths and giving them a new lease on life. Since they’re still functional, you can transform them to look brand new again, preventing you from contributing more to the already overfull landfills. Purchasing new restaurant booths are often much more expensive than reupholstering your existing restaurant booths, and even discarding them tend to be costly. 

4.   Long-lasting Upholstered Boothwork 

Upholstering your restaurant booths can lengthen their lifespan and make them last longer. You’ll get to preserve the sentimental value of your booths while increasing their monetary value, especially if they look new. If you want a different design for your booths, you can also have your current ones reworked to match the contemporary interiors of your establishment.

Customized Upholstered Boothwork for Your Restaurant 

Customers feel hesitant to eat at restaurants with worn, torn, and dirty booths. Replacing your booths altogether can be incredibly expensive, which is why reupholstering them is your next best option. You’ll spend less money, contribute less to landfills, and have customized boothwork that makes your establishment look more professional.

Hawk Industries specializes in custom kitchen design that you can use to overhaul your restaurant. Our commercial services include upholstered boothwork, counters and casework, bars & backbars, and countertops. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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