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Choosing the Right Booths for Your Restaurant or Bar

Mar 1, 2022 | Blog

The ambience of your establishment’s environment plays a big role in the vibe guests feel when they walk through the doors. For bar and restaurant booths – or other dining facilities, the size, shape, materials, and colors you choose will have a large impact on that vibe. Keep the following tips in mind when choosing your boothwork.

Booth Shapes and Sizes

Booths can be custom designed to suit any size and shape. Standard booths are about 48 inches long and 43 inches high, but you’ll want to consider your space, how many people the booth should accommodate, and how important comfort and privacy are. These will all impact booth design decisions.

Booth Construction

When it comes to boothwork, you get what you pay for. Booths can be purchased inexpensively online, but they’re typically made from particle board or medium density fiberboard. These materials are more prone to damage, leading to replacement sooner than other materials. With quality construction, you get sturdier booths that are designed to last. At Hawk Industries, we build our booths with a combination of ¾” plywood and solid poplar so they can withstand anything your patrons throw at them.

Booth Materials

After deciding on shape, size, and construction material, you can begin to look at different booth upholstery material options. Your guests will likely notice this more than other elements, so it’s important to get it right. Plus, many people can be turned off by some textures, and you’ll want to take this into consideration when making your choice.


Leather is a popular choice for high-end restaurants because it looks luxurious and is easy to clean. It’s also a durable material which is ideal for establishments with lots of guests. However, price can be a big concern for leather restaurant and bar booths, so you may decide to opt for faux leather instead or choose leather seats with fabric booth backs.


Many opt for vinyl/polyurethane upholstery for booth seats because it is so easy to clean and keep clean. It also makes an excellent choice for booth backs for these same reasons. However, there are a few differences between these two materials that you should be aware of before making a final decision.

Vinyl – This type of plastic is derived from ethylene, or crude oil, and is created by fusing the vinyl with a textile base like polyester. You get a material that is highly durable and waterproof for longevity in your establishment. It’s a stiff material that’s commonly found in healthcare environments, laboratories, and vehicle interiors.

Polyurethane – Made from resin, polyurethane was originally created as a coating for industrial surfaces. However, it’s now commonly used as a fabric-like material because it’s breathable, doesn’t trap heat, and is scratch-resistant. It’s a flexible material which makes it ideal for imprinting with different textures. This is how you can mimic the look of leather in your bar booths. It’s also durable enough to prevent breaking down, cracking, or developing sun damage through normal conditions.


Fabric booths are airy, comfortable, and durable for high-traffic spaces. Fabric booths have the added benefit of not sticking to people’s legs when they wear shorts or skirts, which can be far more comfortable for your guests in the summer. If you’re leaning towards fabric restaurant booths, it is highly recommended you consider a fabric with a stain-block coating to aid with cleaning and longevity. Even with the stain block, it’s important that fabric booths be steam cleaned regularly.

High-Quality Custom Booths

Hawk Industries works with senior living facilities, bars, restaurants and others in the foodservice industry to manufacture standard booth designs or unique, custom booths based on your establishment’s specific needs. Please give us a call today at 717-359-3035 or reach out online to let us know about your next boothwork project.

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