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3 Grades of Granite to Consider For Your Countertop

Nov 9, 2021 | Blog

Choosing a granite countertop for your home is a sound investment and a classic design choice.  Granite countertops, in fact, can complement any type of kitchen or bathroom cabinet and fit into any aesthetic. This magnificent stone is available in various hues and designs, making it ideal for complementing your own style with a surface that will not chip or discolor even after years of use.

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Choosing the Right Grade of Granite for Your Countertops

Granite is generated when molten lava flows onto and into other types of rocks. It is the toughest stone after diamond in terms of resistance to chipping and scratches and has a remarkable beauty that marble and quartz cannot match.

However, how can you know whether your granite slab is good for your countertop? This is where the granite countertop grades come in. The grade of a granite block impacts its value and lifespan. And if you want granite that will last for years, you want the best quality and durability possible.

To help you choose the highest quality materials for your renovation, let’s take a closer look into how granite is graded:

Level 1 Granite: Entry-Level Granite

Level 1 granite is sometimes known as “builder’s grade” or “commercial grade.”  Prefabricated homes, prefab remodels, and furnishings commonly use low-quality granite. Low-quality granite slabs are generally cut thinner and have simple patterns and consistent colors. Imported from China, this low-grade granite is usually sold as tile or by granite liquidators.

Level 2 Granite: Mid-Grade Granite

Level 2 granite has the typical thickness of 3/4 of an inch, with more distinct patterns and colors than Level 1 variants. There is a greater range of design markers available compared to Level 1 granite.

This grade of stone is definitely more durable than entry-level granite, and since it is cheaper than high-grade stone, it is the most common choice for commercial use.

Level 3 Granite and Above: High-Grade Granite

Any granite grade level 3 and higher is referred to as high-grade granite, and it is considered one of the highest quality stones currently accessible. This type of granite has a highly unique appearance and is typically imported from India or Brazil, depending on the size of the slab.

It is thicker than mid-level granite and more durable. It also has unusual colors, patterns, and veins, making it truly one-of-a-kind in its appearance.

Comparison Between the Different Level Grades of Granite

Whatever the grade, granite is resistant to scratches and extreme heat and requires little upkeep to maintain its appearance. The greater the degree, the more uncommon the stone, from hues and patterns to unique designs, and consequently, the greater the price.

If you want a simple design that goes with everything, consider Level 1 granite. A higher level will contain a stone with a unique color and pattern. Also, consider the size and number of slabs required to complete your project. Note that going for rarer designs might mean more restricted supplies and a higher price tag for your orders.

Use Granite for Your Counters and Casework Today

If you are considering a home makeover, it might be tempting to try and cut costs where applicable. However, bear in mind that your granite is the focal point of your kitchen or bathroom. Moreover, these areas require materials that are both long-lasting and resistant to wear and strain over time. For this reason, make the most of your investment by installing the highest-quality granite countertop you can afford.

At Hawk Industries, we deliver reliable, seamless experiences with great attention to detail and superb craftsmanship, creating solutions for seating, upholstered boothwork, counters and casework. Our clients know when they work with us, they will get expert guidance, streamlined processes, and 100% commitment and excellence. If you are looking for a firm that handles quality countertop installations in Pennsylvania, contact us today!

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