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5 Do’s and Don’ts of Granite Countertop Cleaning

Nov 15, 2021 | Blog

When it comes to residential countertops, granite is arguably the best material to use! Given its rich, unique beauty, high quality, and timeless appeal, no wonder it’s ranked high on the list of materials for countertops. If you’ve been thinking of installing a countertop for your kitchen, you could never go wrong with granite!

However, although granite is undoubtedly among the best materials for countertops, you must be cautious about them. While granite is not susceptible to scratches and takes normal wear and tear very well, it won’t maintain its attractive characteristics without proper care.

Having a granite countertop is a big responsibility—you must learn how to maintain it so that it can serve its purpose well and ensure that it stays looking new for a long time. If you want your granite countertop to look nice for the decades to come, you must keep in mind the do’s and don’ts of cleaning it!

The Do’s

Blot Up Spills Right Away

Although sodas, fruit juices, wine, coffee, and other acidic substances won’t etch granite as they would marble, they could stain the surface of the countertop, especially if your countertop isn’t sealed or has been poorly sealed.

To enjoy having a stain-free countertop, you must make sure to get to the spilled liquid quickly so that your granite countertop will look like new for a long time.

Use a Sponge or Soft Cloth to Clean the Surface

While a brush may be suitable for cleaning the floor or other surfaces, you must never use an abrasive cleaning tool when caring for your granite countertop. To clean your countertop, you must be gentle with it. As such, we recommend using a sponge or soft cloth instead.

Hot water is alright to use for quick clean-ups, but we recommend using a specially formulated cleanser for your granite countertop. Make sure to avoid using dish soap, as using soapy water repeatedly will cause build-up and dull the granite’s shine.

Place Coasters Under Glasses, Cans, and Bottles

Using coasters on properly sealed granite isn’t necessary, but it’s a good practice in protecting countertop surfaces. With proper care, your granite countertop will last for decades!

The Don’ts 

Clean the Countertop With Lemon Juice or Oils

If someone has recommended you use any acidic substance to clean your granite countertop, don’t believe them! Although granite doesn’t easily dull or etch, it’s better to be safe.

Use Your Countertop as a Worktable

A kitchen countertop is not a worktable, which means you should avoid placing tools on it. If you have to do so, make sure to add a layer of thick covering to prevent any damage.

Caring for Your Granite Countertop 

As with other parts of your home, a granite countertop requires some TLC! If you want your countertop to remain beautiful and durable, it’s important you take these preventative measures. With proper granite countertop installation and maintenance, your countertop is sure to look beautiful and new for the decades to come!

When it comes to granite countertop installation, our team at Hawk Industries is the best you’ll ever find in Pennsylvania! You can always count on our team to design, build, and install your quality countertops. Call us at 717-359-4138 to learn more!

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