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How to Fix Cracked Granite Countertops

Jan 25, 2022 | Blog

One of the most popular options for countertop materials today is granite, largely because of how durable it is. However, it’s not immune to developing a crack at some point. Those are usually caused by installation not being done properly.

Repairing Cracks On Granite

It should be noted that a complete fix for granite breaks and cracks is just not possible. Instead, the cracks are filled so they aren’t evident. Acrylic or epoxy are used for this to happen. The latter is also handy for gluing a broken piece of granite together.

After filling and gluing, the next step for the granite is to get polished again. The kind of polishing involved is like that of diamond buffing. Power tools are typically used to get the job done. When it is executed properly, the result can look practically seamless.

It should be noted that it’s more of an artistic process than anything. This means that the final outcome depends heavily on the skillset of the person carrying the task out.

Some Cracks Don’t Need Fixing

Before you try to fix a crack in your granite countertop by filling the crack with epoxy, make sure the crack needs to be filled. If there is no gap between the two sides of the crack, then filling is unnecessary. If a gap exists, then filling with epoxy is necessary.

Read on to learn more about repairing granite chips and cracks:

Pick the Epoxy Material

First, select the material to be used for repair. There are plenty of epoxy products designed particularly for granite and natural stones to be repaired. Some are great for filling cracks while others are ideal for patching together pieces that broke. It’s important to pick carefully.

Epoxy is not always colored, which means you need to think about pigmentation. Some brands offer pigments that can be mixed with epoxies to resemble the type of granite. Do your research or work with a professional to get what suits your countertops best!

Get Granite Dust

In order to be able to attain the granite color you want, pigmentation can be achieved through mixing granite dust with epoxy. Of course, the granite dust should be from a slab close to what exists in your kitchen. Sometimes, they’re available through professionals. Other times, it can come from beveling granite edges and polishing.

Isolate the Crack Area and Keep It Clean

Using acetone, clean the crack area. Afterward, have an area that’s at least a fourth of an inch isolated with painter’s tape. That way, the leftover epoxy can be cleaned off well down the line.

Prepare the Epoxy Mix and Apply It On the Crack

After mixing the epoxy according to instructions, add granite dust until the goal color is achieved. Epoxy application can proceed with the tool used to mix everything. The epoxy should then get ample drying time.

Granite Kitchen Countertop Installation

While granite is incredibly durable, it’s not beyond cracking. Poor installation usually triggers that, which is why getting reputable professionals is vital. Actual repair is less about a fix and more about filling the cracks and gaps in.

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