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How To Improve Productivity and Efficiency in Your Commercial Kitchen

Jan 18, 2023 | Blog

We know many of our customers work within the food industry, and we also know how important it is to be efficient in the kitchen. By mastering productivity and efficiency in your kitchen, you’ll create a better experience for your employees and diners by having more consistent dishes, which will boost sales and make you money! 

Keep reading for ways to improve productivity and efficiency in your commercial kitchen.

Know How to Take Feedback

We know. It’s harder than it looks. But asking for feedback is the best way to know that the current system is working and everyone is happily employed. 

Running a kitchen means so much more than making delicious food. It’s an intricate symphony of movement between the cooks and wait staff that shouldn’t be taken lightly! 

Creating an environment where feedback and growth are accepted and appreciated is a game changer, especially within the food industry!

Train Your Staff With A System That WORKS

It’s been proven repeatedly that the better your staff is trained, the better your establishment will run. So be prepared to create a solid outline of how your kitchen will run and who is responsible for which tasks!

Plus, don’t forget to keep that open line of communication within the team! For example, if something is changing in the kitchen, make sure EVERYONE knows about it before dinnertime. When everyone is on the same page, the whole team moves better!

Create a Workspace that Reflects Your Brand

When creating the workspace where your team will thrive, you still want your establishment’s story to be imprinted throughout the entire process (while still supporting your productivity and efficiency goals in the kitchen).

At Hawk Industries, our experienced craftsmen work with you to design the space you’ve envisioned without the stress of multiple contractors calling you all day.

See our portfolio for examples of our excellence.

For exceptional customer service and master custom casework, millwork, countertops, and upholstered seating solutions for your commercial needs, contact the Hawk Industries Team!

You can also call 717-359-4138 ext. 100 today! 

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