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New Year, New Countertop: 4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Jan 3, 2022 | Blog

Remodeling a kitchen and getting cabinets redone are great ways to give the kitchen a lift. Any time a person makes a decision to get this done, it’s already a key step. Throughout the process, naturally, other kitchen projects will likely pop up. Countertops usually come into play at this time, which is usually best done around the same time that the cabinets are being fixed.

Read on to learn more about 4 reasons to upgrade your kitchen:

1.   A Kitchen’s Aesthetic Will Get A Huge Boost

When kitchen countertops get an upgrade, it gets a figurative lift in terms of looks as well. After all, wouldn’t it be strange to have new cabinetry paired with old or outdated countertops? The kitchen’s general mood or tone also gets a huge boost from countertops in general.

This is particularly helpful for people who spend plenty of time in the kitchen. Who doesn’t want to be in a conducive environment that looks good which means they’ll feel good?

2.   Damaged Countertops Can Be Switched Out

This is easily a given when it comes to getting new countertops. After all, when something is broken or damaged, doesn’t it need repair or replacement? Countertops will, over time, become prone to wear and tear such as burns and scratches. It’s important for countertops to be able to accommodate cleaning, cooking, and other activities done on a daily basis. After all, if a kitchen is not functional, then it does not serve a proper purpose.

Small sections of counters that have issues that are hard to deal with can be tough to reach. Needless to say, the best rule of thumb here at that point is a full-on replacement.

3.   Homes Get Plenty Of Value From Countertops

No matter what aspects there are to a certain home, kitchens are always a major selling point. It’s where people spend a lot of time gathering and bonding. Aside from helping with a home’s value as the cabinets are getting an upgrade, it also gives off an amazing feeling to homeowners.

A good rule of thumb is to use popular materials, like natural tile or granite. Natural stone has a rather unique look and feel which is best described as vintage. The material is also incredibly timeless. Granite stone has the same quality, alongside a very high level of durability.

4.   Maintenance Is Much Easier

One of the highlights of upgrading a kitchen is that maintenance becomes far more convenient. Replacing outdated or damaged countertops allows for the entrance of material that’s more modern. Upkeep then becomes much easier, which means the kitchen will be more comfortable to stay in over time.

Home Countertop Installation

There’s a lot that goes into upgrading a kitchen, but it comes with many advantages that make it all worth it. Some people think just the cabinets will do, but a great trick is to upgrade both cabinets and countertops at once. Key reasons include easier maintenance, an excuse to replace damaged countertops, and giving the aesthetic of a kitchen a huge boost.

Looking to get kitchen countertop installation? Drop Hawk Industries a line today! We’ve got a tradition of excellence from planning, design, and manufacturing all the way to installation.

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