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Indicators That Your Restaurant Needs a Renovation

Jun 13, 2022 | Blog

Running and managing a restaurant can be a tough task, especially for first-time entrepreneurs. Besides dealing with the daily influx of customers, you also must maintain the integrity of your establishment.

Like it or not, there may come a time when you need to renovate your restaurant. When we become used to things as they are, we don’t always see the signs that it’s time for renovations. We’ve listed a few indicators here for your reference.

3 Signs that it’s time for a Restaurant Renovation

1. Your Restaurant’s Overall Appearance Is Outdated

It should be obvious what your restaurant looks like, right? It happens to us all. In our own homes, we deal with things as they come up and get wrapped up in daily life. We don’t always notice when our home’s appearance is a bit out of date.

For better or for worse, the appearance of your restaurant is a factor that can contribute to the success or failure of your business. According to the National Restaurant Association, restaurants typically do some kind of upgrade or renovation every five to seven years.

If you are not happy with the current appearance of your restaurant, you may need to renovate it. Fortunately, hiring a company specializing in restaurant renovations shouldn’t be difficult.

2. Your Restaurant’s Interior Needs Updating

Maybe your restaurant’s exterior is in great condition, but the interior of your restaurant needs a facelift. Some common issues might include:

  • Dirty tables and chairs
  • A dirty floor
  • A non-functioning restroom

3. Your Restaurant’s Ambience or Flow No Longer Make Sense

Sometimes things change with the times as your customers or offerings evolve. Maybe your menu has changed, and you would like to update your restaurant space to better reflect your brand. Or perhaps you’ve learned that how things were designed to flow and how they actually flow differ. Does it make more sense to increase the size of your waiting area? Or maybe you’d like to get some custom-designed booths in different sizes to maximize floorspace.

Tips to Find the Right Contractor for Your Restaurant Renovation

a) Consider a Company with Industry Experience

One of the most important things that you need to look for when hiring a contractor is industry experience. A remodeling company that primarily focuses on residential remodeling may not be the right fit for your project. Look for a contractor with experience in bar and restaurant renovations and make sure to ask for references.

b) Consider a Company That Offers Value-added Services

In addition to specialty experience in the bar, restaurant, or cafeteria services industry, you will want to consider hiring a contractor than can offer added value. If you are a busy restaurant owner without experience as a construction project manager, you might find yourself quickly overwhelmed by having to juggle multiple subcontractors. Finding a contractor that can offer a comprehensive solution for your restaurant and offer experienced commercial project managers to help ensure projects are completed on time and within budget can save you time, money and frustration.

If you are looking for a company that can custom design and manufacture your bars and backbars in Pennsylvania, provide custom countertops, or upholstered boothwork, contact the experts at Hawk Industries. From planning and design through manufacture and installation, we deliver high-caliber products that reflect your brand. Call us today and let us discuss your restaurant or bar renovation.

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