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Why Your Restaurant Bar Design Matters

Aug 30, 2022 | Blog

Your bar or restaurant bar design is essential to your employee’s productivity and operations. Thoughtful bar design can also set the overall tone for your establishment and create a comfortable and memorable customer experience.

Whether you’re just planning your bar or restaurant or gathering ideas for a remodel, be sure to put thought into designing your bar and back bar. All too often, bar design is an afterthought. Instead, take time to focus on what makes the most sense for employees when navigating around the bar and what works for customers to be able to comfortably have a drink or meal while sitting at the bar.

Employee Considerations

Bar design and organization matters a lot to your bartenders and other restaurant or bar staff. If you don’t think through the placement of your glasses, liquor bottles, beer taps, ice machine, workstations, etc., you may impact the efficiency of your staff and could have bartenders fumbling over one another.

Some important details to consider in your bar design are:

  • The right amount of space behind the bar allows your staff to move freely without bumping into each other. A 3-foot walkway is typically sufficient.
  • Your staff is typically on their feet for an entire shift, so line the area behind the bar with anti-fatigue mats. However, make sure they are long enough and do not create a tripping hazard.
  • Glassware storage that is at a convenient height and easily accessible.
  • The height of the ice bin. Make sure it is easy to scoop and refill.
  • Liquor bottle placement. Create an area to store the most popular liquors for your bar to make it easy for the bartenders to quickly make the most requested drinks.

Another crucial aspect of bar design is creating a dedicated area for servers to pick up drink orders for their tables easily. If you offer takeout or online delivery, plan for a pickup area that won’t interfere with customers and other staff moving around the bar.

Create an Inviting Customer Experience

Along with making good sense for your staff, your bar design should provide a relaxed and welcoming space for your customers. Make sure seating is the right height for your bar and comfortable for your guests. Consider adding hooks under the bar top for people to hang their coats or bags. There is nothing worse than hanging out at a place where you have nowhere to keep your belongings safely out of the way! It is also an added benefit to your customers to have a few charging ports available to charge their phone, or other electronic devices. A foot rail is also a small detail that can be greatly missed if not there!

Creating a pleasing visual aesthetic is also essential in your bar design. You want to ensure that your liquors are visible from every angle of the bar and that sight lines are clear for customers to easily socialize with each other.

Don’t overlook the importance of bar design and end up with something impractical. When designed thoughtfully, your bar or restaurant’s bar can help staff operations run smoothly and support workflow, but also serve as the visual centerpiece of your establishment that enhances the guest experience and keeps them coming back!

The Hawk Industries team can custom design and manufacture your new bar or back bar or build from an existing design. In addition, we have expertise in working with various finishes for your bar front and top, ranging from wood and laminate to solid surfaces and quartz.

Let Hawk Industries take the stress out of your restaurant remodel, bar, or back bar project and assist in creating a design that will give your bar the edge it needs to be the talk of the town! Contact Hawk Industries to assist in designing the best flow and look for your bar.

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