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Custom vs Prefab Countertops: Everything You Need to Know

Mar 1, 2022 | Blog

Natural stone countertops often come in two kinds—prefabricated (prefab) or custom. So how do you decide between the two? Let’s start by getting to know the two options.

Custom Countertops vs Prefabricated Stone Countertops:

Prefabricated Stone Countertops

Prefabricated stone countertops work best when your existing countertop space fits the standard dimensions that these prefabricated stone countertops come in. Prefabricated means already built or created before delivery. Simply put, it’s cheaper option than having a custom countertop created.

Prefab stone, however, can come in a limited range of colors to choose from, since they tend to be manufactured in bulk from China and India. Bulk production often means minimal supervision and quality assessment. This can result in countertops that can be fragile or do not age well. You can never be certain if it is natural stones at all, it could be granite or dust mixed with resin. For prefab stone countertops, a quality dealer is key, because you get what you pay for. Beware the bargain.

Because prefabricated stone countertops are mass produced, it is not uncommon to have multiple countertops look identical. Another potential issue with prefab stone countertops is alignment. Stones may not have matching nor consistent coloring. Apart from that, prefab stone countertops are limited to rounded edging, commonly known as bullnose edging. This fulfills its function, but if you want a countertop that aligns completely with your vision, a custom slab might be the route for you.

Slab Stone Countertops

Slab stone countertops are made from the same slab of stone. You may go to a trusted supplier and select your specific slab of stone. Because they are natural stone, slab stone countertops will have distinctive coloring and surfaces. Because they are one-of-a-kind, slab stone countertops can be more expensive than prefabricated stone.

Unlike with prefab countertops, authentic stone countertops won’t have alignment issues because the countertop is made from the same slab of stone. Coloring and texture remain uniform, even when the design requires multiple cut pieces. Seams align better as well, and the edge of the stone can be customized.

Stone slabs are highly customizable depending on your design dimensions, vision, and use whether it be an island or a tabletop. Because of the nature of its production, the total amount of time for a stone slab to be installed can take longer, because the stone needs to be measured/fit to a custom template made by your supplier based on your design.

Countertop Installation near Littlestown, PA

Both prefab countertops and custom stone countertops serve a purpose. Deciding between the two will come to your priorities, budget and aesthetics. No matter what, it’s important to have a trustworthy supplier that will do top-notch measuring and installation work.

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