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5 Things That Can Cause Damage to Granite Countertops

Feb 4, 2022 | Blog

Granite is one of the toughest igneous rocks forged in the depths of the earth, so you’d think you could get away with just about anything on your granite countertops. Yes, granite is tougher than nails—but it’s not just the granite you need to worry about.

Understanding proper cleaning methods and what not to put on granite countertops will help them last longer to avoid damage to granite countertops.

Avoid the following eight activities to keep your granite countertops in good condition:

1. Working With Raw Meat on a Granite Countertop

Although well-sealed granite should keep bacteria out of the microscopic cracks of the countertop, do you really want to risk salmonella cross-contamination?

The meat won’t harm the granite, but what’s left behind might harm you if it ends up on another food item. Furthermore, after dealing with raw meat, consumers frequently feel the need to clean the food prep surface with powerful disinfectants that are not suitable for granite counters.

Many of the most common grocery-store cleaners can dull and harm the sealant and possibly discolor the granite itself. So simply use a cutting board, followed by soapy water and a microfiber cloth.

2. Storing Acidic Things on Your Granite Countertop

Acidic things include acidic foods like tomatoes, lemons, and vinegar. These can discolor granite countertops over time, even with a sealer.

The sealer acts as a barrier and prevents these acids from coming into direct contact with the surface, but if you store these things on the granite, you run the risk of the acids seeping through the surface and etching the granite.

3. Not Cleaning Spills Immediately

Granite countertops are just like any other concrete surface: Once something is spilled on them, it can take a lot of elbow grease to get them clean.

The sooner you deal with a spill, the easier it will be to clean up your granite countertop. If you leave a food spill or grease stain for an extended period, you might end up with stains that are impossible to remove altogether.

4. Not Using a Chopping Board

If you want to preserve your granite countertop, use a chopping board and avoid placing food directly on the granite. You might think that cutting up apples directly on your countertop is the fastest way to prepare apples for a pie, but this can actually be a bad idea.

The malleable surface of the granite can be easily scratched from knives and other utensils, which is not great for the longevity of the countertop. Using a chopping board will eliminate a great deal of the concern, as it can take some of the abuse that would otherwise be applied to the countertop.

5. Putting Hot Pans on Granite Countertops

When you’re done cooking, it’s tempting to just set your pan right on the granite countertop to cool. But doing so can cause a few problems.

This can cause slight imperfections in the surface of the granite, and it can also cause those hot pans to crack the counters. So be sure to transfer the contents of your cooking pans to another surface or container before letting them cool on the granite.

We’re Ready For Your Granite Countertop Installation Needs

Your granite countertops may be a significant investment, so it’s essential to think about how to care for them as you would any other expensive, delicate material.

The most significant danger to granite countertops is acid, so be sure to wash up all your apple-cutting equipment and never leave food on the counter for long periods. Raw meat and acidic sauces, such as marinara and vinegar, are the worst for granite countertops.

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