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The Big Difference: Laminate vs. Solid Wood

Dec 7, 2022 | Blog

You may not realize it, but custom cabinets are an opportunity to add a touch of interior design that solidifies your business’s look! But which type of cabinets are right for YOUR space?

We have many options in color, size, and material, but today we’re going to focus on the big differences between laminate cabinets and solid wood and which is best for you! 

Read on to find out! 


What exactly are laminate cabinets made of? Our laminated cabinets are made with a quality plywood core material rather than particle board (press board) or MDF which is usually found in laminate.  

In general, laminate cabinets are less expensive than solid wood and can withstand high temperatures while preserving the material underneath, making them perfect for a kitchen, breakroom, health care center, and more! 

Not only are they less expensive, they’re also easier to clean, more durable, and maintenance-free! 

If you’re looking for customizable cabinets without all the fuss, laminate is the option for you! 

Solid Wood

While laminate cabinets are awesome, so are their solid wood counterparts! Solid wood cabinets are made with beautiful high-quality wood that has either been stained, painted, or varnished, adding a natural element to your commercial space.

If you have a vision for solid wood custom cabinets, we have options from ash and white oak to walnut and cherry! With our wide variety of material, color, and finish options, our customers can get creative when designing their space, truly making it their own.

Another great element with solid wood cabinets is the beautiful inconsistencies in natural wood, such as one-of-a-kind details like wood grain, knots, textures, etc.

If you want a classic or rustic look that will last decades, solid wood is the way to go!

Which Should You Choose?

It all depends on what you need! If your restaurant’s kitchen needs new cabinets that will be durable, easy to clean, and maintenance-free, laminate may be the way to go!

If you’re looking for a classic, high-end look to add to your office space that will fit in with the rest of your aesthetic, we have a wide variety of colors and customizations with solid wood cabinets!

Hawk Industries has comprehensive solutions to your cabinetry needs and the expertise to back them up! We pride ourselves on creating and installing exceptional commercial cabinets, as well as bar & restaurant seating, casework, commercial countertops, and more! 

If you’re curious about all the cabinetry possibilities for your commercial space, give us a call at 717-359-4138 ext. 100! 

laminate vs. solid wood

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